Base Tuition

2023-2024 Book, Activity,
& Technology

per academic year

per academic year

*Tuition does not include the 2023-2024 Book, Activity, & Technology Fee or online courses for some middle and high school students
​($550 for first course, $350 for each additional course).

** The 2023-2024 Book, Activity, & Technology Fee is in addition to the 2023-2024 Base Tuition.

Flexibility in Payments?

Families at AOI have the ability to choose from three different payment plans.
1) Paid in full – receive a 5% discount  
2) Two payments – receive a 2% discount  
3) 11 Monthly payments (August – June)

Sibling discount of an extra 5% off the base rate for one student and a returning student flat rate discount of $750

Financial Aid...The Basics

The Academy of Innovation is pleased to offer not only an in-house scholarship program but we also work with the Special Needs Scholarship Program for students that have a current IEP (Individualized Education Plan) in place and GaSSO (Georgia Student Scholarship Organization) to help defray the costs of private schooling. Financial aid is available to accepted and enrolled students.AOI Scholarships may be awarded based on the family's financial need and is to be used exclusively for AOI tuition.

Scholarship Opportunities


Georgia Student Scholarship Organization, Inc. is one of the oldest and largest non-profit corporations approved by the State of Georgia to accept and manage tax-credit donations that give Georgia children access to the educational choices they deserve and need.Most students from the second grade forward must have attended a Georgia primary or secondary school for at least six weeks immediately prior to receiving a scholarship. ​Click here to pledge and become a donor to support our families that deserve to be here but need a little bit of a financial boost. Our kids are worth it! DONATE TODAY!THIS SCHOLARSHIP IS AWARDED PRIOR TO THE NEW SCHOOL YEAR AND IS ONLY AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS ENROLLED IN AOI.STUDENT ​APPLICATIONS CAN BE SUBMITTED YEARLY AFTER JANUARY 1ST AND BEFORE JUNE 1ST FOR THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR.

GA Special Needs Scholarship Program

The Georgia Special Needs Scholarship (GSNS) Program is a school choice program available for special needs students attending Georgia public schools who are served under an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Simply put, if your child has a current IEP in place then your child is eligible to receive the State of Georgia's Special Needs Scholarship or SB10 Scholarship. Did your child have an active IEP during the previous school year? To see the award amount your child could be eligible for, click here.

AOI In-House Scholarship

Academy of Innovation is proud to be able to provide financial assistance to families through the help of generous donors who make it possible.Scholarships may be awarded based on the family's financial need to students who attend the Academy of Innovation on a full or part-time basis. This may include a dual enrollment with another school. The AOI scholarship is to be used exclusively for AOI tuition and not for any other school’s instructional fees.In order to ascertain if a student is eligible for the AOI scholarship, parents must complete an online application (one-time application fee of $55.00) with the School and Student Services (SSS), a national organization that estimates the amount of tuition that families can use for funding to pay for private schools. Total household income of each parent will be used in the evaluation of eligibility. Parents fill out the application and provide the required documents to see if they meet the scholarship criteria. After receiving the SSS report, a member of AOI scholarship committee schedules an interview with the potential parents to go over the SSS report. Then the committee will meet and review the SSS recommendations to determine if the family meets the scholarship qualifications. The AOI committee will make the final decision about scholarship awards. All financial records will be held in confidence.​The AOI Scholarship is awarded for 1 year and is not automatically renewable. Families will need to reapply for the scholarship on a yearly basis.

More Info on School and Student Resources Available

School and Student Services has webinars with good information if you run into something you're not sure about. If you have any other questions about their platform/portal you can always contact them at 800.344.8328. They're very helpful. :)