How long will my child have to attend AOI?

Because each child and his/her learning abilities are unique, we cannot offer a definitive timeline on the length of your child's enrollment will be at Academy of Innovation. We assess and work with you as a partner to help your child as long as needed throughout their education journey from elementary to high school.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, we have a variety of scholarships available? Scholarships that are applicable to your child will be discussed throughout the admissions process.

When can we tour?

We would love to show you our school so that you can see our students, teachers, and a glimpse of what AOI is like in person. Please call our school and schedule an appointment to tour.

Please note that scheduling a tour does not give admissions to Academy of Innovation.

What if my child is autistic?

We do not have a certified autistic teacher at our school. However, we can further assist you in determine if your child would be a candidate for Academy of Innovation based on his/her learning disability.

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